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Formerly Totem Pole Tours
World Famous Navajo Guides
Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona

Welcome to Monument Valley Tours, the tour that will make your trip unforgettable.

Ripples in SandMonument Valley Tours is a Navajo-owned company in Monument Valley. Our tour guides will give you first hand experiences of their culture and customs of their everyday lives. We will take you to places where few people have ventured and let you enjoy nature's marvelous sandstone creations. It will be a spiritual experience for some, and for others it will simply be indescribable.

We are Dineh, which means "The People", and we have survived years and years of changes. We have endured and we shall endure again for years to come, but for now, we would like to share with you our culture which not too many people know about.

The Navajos are a proud and happy people. The stories are told in hogans of the many obstacles that were overcome by many a Navajo family. Stories and myths that were acquired through generations before, are being revived through books that are written about the Navajos, but there have been countless stories that have been lost because we had no written language.

There are signs of ancient habitation in the valleys and box canyons all around this area. Here you'll see the petroglyphs, pictographs, and Anasazi dwellings of the "Ancient Ones". Take a trip back in time among these ancient surroundings.

See the places where there once were ancient families living among the gigantic red buttes. To see their dwelling places, to picture in your mind the hardships they endured, will make it a memory forever.

Lofty ArchMonument Valley is a unique place. There is no other place like this on earth. It is like a Holy Land for many, and a place of worship for many Medicine Men who still hold their daily ceremonial rituals here. Many of the plants that grow here are used year round, whether it is for food, herbs, dyes, or many other useful things.

Mother Earth is truly a land of wonder. We hope you enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and "Walk in Beauty with the Navajos".

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Commercial Tours

There are numerous motion pictures and television commercials being filmed here throughout the year. Many western films were made here by John Ford starring John Wayne.

Children 1-5 go free! Children from 6-12 half price!

Monument Valley - Jeep Tours
Jeep Tours (2 person min.)

1.5 Hour (17 mile loop):  The Mittens, Three Sisters, John Ford Point, Totem Pole & Yei Bi Chei formations, Artist Point, North Window. Adult $85

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2.5 hour (25 mi. restricted backcountry trip): This is tour #1, plus Sun's Eye, Ear of the Wind, Big Hogan, Moccasin Arch, Traditional Navajo Rug weaver inside traditional hogan. Adult $95

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Half Day Mystery Valley Tour :  Anasazi Dwellings, pictographs, petroglyphs and big arches. Please call for price for that day.

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Full Day Grand Tour (60 mi.): Both Monument Valley and Mystery Valley Trip #2 and Trip #3. Minimum four passengers. All day includes lunch with minimum of 4 people. Adult $150

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Overnights: We have overnight trips with dinner, entertainment and breakfast. (8 or more people.) Cookouts: Navajo Taco or BBQ meals (arranged with tours only). We accommodate large groups for tours and cook-outs.
Photography:  We specialize in photo tours for the serious-inded and also anyone who just likes to take good pictures. 1 Filming permits:  We also do location scouting for commercial filming.
All departures from Monument Valley Visitor's Center
Prices change throughout the year. Please call for rates.

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